Interview for SkyEurope Magazine

Multi-platinum singer and songwriter Anastacia is a fan of relaxing holidays

February 2009

Anastacia, 40, first hit the charts with her hit single Iím Outta Love from her multi-platinum album Not That Kind in 2000, following up with Freak Of Nature and Anastacia. She is now back with a new album, Heavy Rotation.

What do holidays mean to you?
I think they are a time to just enjoy whoever youíre with, enjoy wherever youíre at and make the best of it all. One place I would love to visit is Capri, because my husband raves about it; and I love Paris, too. I learned to speak French in school and still have a pretty good handle on it.

Whereís your favourite place?
I have a love/hate relationship with London. Itís great, but just so expensive Ė itís like paying double for Americans. Of course, thatís not so much the case any more Ė a dollar is much better now. Our exchange rate used to be awful. I was like ĎOuch!í every time I went into a shop, but itís back to being a bit more normal now.

Skiing or beach holiday?
I love a warm holiday, so probably the beach.

I donít think Iíd ever say, Ďoh my god, letís go skiing.í Iím just not an adrenalin junkie, and Iím not into winter sports. For me, holidays are just about spending time with friends and family, preferably in a hot climate.

What kind of luggage do you use?
Oh goodness gracious Ė whatever is around. I used to be quite particular and loved the hard cases, but Iím not picky anymore. I would love to get a set of Louis Vuitton luggage and be able to travel and look coordinated and fabulous, though.

Where in the world have you been most inspired?
I get inspired from everything, from life. The architecture in Rome is superb, so maybe from things like that, but Iíve never had an Ďepiphanyí vacation. I live in the moment 24 hours a day, so Iím constantly quite inspired.

Intimate or grand hotel?
I can do both, because they keep it very intimate even at big places. Iíve been lucky to travel and stay in some of the best hotels in the world Ė I would never have been able to stay at some of these places if I wasnít a singer!