Interview for Schweizer Illustrierte




Ten things
that I need
to do




More charity So far I just did charity related to breast cancer. For the future, I would like to take care about childrenís matters.




Do a cookery course I wanna learn some tricks. But first of all I would like to learn how to cook an incredible meal, easy and quickly because I would like to cook a lot more myself.




A horse race is Ascot With a pompous hat and fancy styled. I would like to a see a polo match, too Ė to flatten the grass.




To dive in all oceans I think the underwater world is fascinating. My big aim is it, to dive in all big waters of the Earth.




Watch children grow My husband Wayne has two kids, they are 5 and 12. Because I donít have my own, I enjoy it even more to watch them grow.




Be part of a movie I donít know whether being an actress is my profession. But I would like to try it.




Learn a language German for example, then I could sing with Xavier Naidoo.




Write a book No novel, but a biography. Being honest about everything and not expose anybody Ė I would change the names.




Grow If there will be a painless and harmless method to extend legs one day, Iím gonna do it. Iím just 1.60 m and I would like to grow a bit more. And because you tend to shrink while getting older, I will be forced to wear pumps with 20 cm high heels at 65.




Cover I would also love to appear on the cover of 'Vogue'.






Photos: Fabienne BŁhler for the Schweizer Illustrierte magazine