Interview for InTouch

„My wardrobe is kinky huge!“

Anastacia (33). Her name means 'Ressurection' - and she lives for it. Now she invent herself new again; as fashiondesigner she will conquer the wardrobes of her fans. 3 years ago she won the fight against cancer, celebrates then as a singer a furious comeback with her new Album 'Anastacia' and worked now as designer for the german label s.Oliver. Ideas, she has enough because 'I love life and it simply inspire me.'

You are singer, newly also fashion designer and advertising medium for your own collection...
First I wasn't even sure if I really should model for my own things. But when we shooted, it was a bit like during a Videoshoot. It worked out amazingly well. The conditions in the desert of L.A., this heat - with me everything is always somehow extreme.

For whom did you design your fashion?
I thought if 3 generations love my music, Teenager, their mothers and even their grandmothers than also these women should be able to wear my fashion. Because of that beside T-Shirt and Jeans there are also Business suits and glamorous tops.

Do you have a big wardrobe?
Yes, an inconceivably big one. It's nearly abnormal. And of course I have many many shoes...

What is your family and friends saying about your new career as designer?
My sister, who is also my assistant, surely was since the beginning completely with me. And all my friends were completely inspired and shouted immediately: 'Great, we never have to go shopping again for clothes!' But a few also said: 'Anastacia, you simply don't know a break, you always make more...

For example you also support Breast cancer awareness projects?
Yes, I try to effect something with everything I do. When I recognised how less women know about breast cancer I felt obligated as a survivor to share my knowledge. And I believe that I help others with it a lot.

What do you plan next? Are you happy?
Oh yes! Life is great, I'm healthy. And it is good to take some time off from music and actualize different sites of me. Even private. I take tennis lessons and want to learn cooking. All these things I hadn't time for while I was only singing!