Interview for Gala

Miss miracle

Versatile Anastacia talks about style, celebrities and her job as a fashion designer.

As a singer, the 1.60 m small Anastacia became a big star. Since 2005 she has also been successful as a fashion-designer and with her fashion for s.Oliver she proves that she also has a special sense for trends. And in contrast to other celebrity-collections, hers is affordable. She spoke with GALA about her new and old experiences.

Who is your personal style-icon?
I admire Kate Moss and Sienna Miller. They are venturesome and they seem to feel good in their clothing.

Your fashion mixes laxness with a cool chic. Wherefrom do you take your inspiration?
Our fashion orientates itself by big designers. From these inspirations, me and my creative-team design styles and colours for our collection.

Do you remember the first garment you bought?
There's no special piece. I often used to buy clothes in second-hand shops because I couldn't afford the other clothes.

What's your must-have for this summer?
Dresses, tops and bags in jazzy colours. Yellow and orange are my favourites!