Interview for Gala

Infatuate siren


ANASTACIA would not like to talk about her relationship, while boyfriend Wayne completely openly dote on his fiancée.

While she is giving interviews on the eighth floor of the Hyatt hotel, he is disporting in the lobby. In a good mood and openly for a chat. His fiancée is still a little bit tired, he tells immediately. He's swarming that they both were one day before together in London. To visit his family there and 'celebrated a lot together'. And after Anastacia has presented here in Berlin her new collection from Anastacia by s.Oliver, it goes back home again into the USA. 'Then we have again some time to relax', Anastacia's sweetheart and bodyguard Wayne Newton, 38, be pleased. His eyes shine. After one year relationship he wants to marry his Anastacia soon, it is said. It seems, he's hardly able to wait for it any longer, at least he looks like that. Like an enormous, raptured, rescueless in love teddy bear. Cute, lucky, carelessly. As it turns out briefly during the interview in the eighth floor, he is thereby the whole opposite of his bride to-be…

Since you went now among the designers for s.Oliver, someone could probably assume that you sketch your wedding dress.
Oh, oh, oh, what for a brilliant conclusion. But however I won't betray anything beyond. Nevertheless: nice try, give me five (raises her hand).

Why do you make such a secret about your upcoming marriage?
(Imitate a warning siren.) Oooo oommp. Too personally. And my sister Shawna, here beside me, doesn't likes it at all if I become too private. (Shawn - slightly smaller, delicate, short crop, smiles mild)

Shawn is your minder?
She also watch over my credit cards. If we go shopping together, she mostly groan: 'Do you know, how much that costs?' She often returns me down to earth. She is my conscience, my chaperon and always with me.

Exactly like your fiance and bodyguard Wayne Newton, who is also nearby...

Okay, let's talk about the eternal love.
That sounds again quite personally.

On your neck the word 'Forever' is written. Do you believe in love for life?
On my back also stands 'Eternal Life'. Beautiful and symbolically ambiguous statements, as I think. I decided to tatoo them because I found it good and correct. And for me it's like that with all things. I simply do it instead of brooding long about it.

What do you plan next?
I'm fascinated of fashion, now again a new collection of me will come out, and it will surely continue.

And what's about music?
I did not start yet with the work on the next album. Perhaps sometime this year.

After your wedding?