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Anastacia: 'I'm a reality TV junkie'

Don't Stop Believing judge Anastacia has admitted that she is a huge reality TV fan.

The 'I'm Outta Love' singer said that she watched all sorts of US and UK reality programmes and confessed that one of her favourites was I'm A Celebrity.

Speaking to DS at the launch of DSB, she said: "I am a little bit of a junkie fan of all these shows. Even I'm A Celebrity! I will watch all of them. We have tons of them in America that you don't even know about."

"I get so jazzed up on these shows. You get so into the characters, the groups and the artists. It's really interesting, how you can have your own addiction to them."

When asked if she would consider entering the jungle, she said: "I really wish I could go in [the jungle]! I would never eat a bug. I would never swallow anything mixed to not look like a bug. I would not sleep with a bug. So there goes that show!"

"But I would love to be the extra presenter with Ant & Dec. In a nice hotel on the high ground. I could be the extra girl in their coffee."

"And then with the Strictly, Dancing With The Stars thing, I get sick with all the spinning around. So I'm a total mess basically and I'll stick to the judging."

Explaining the difference between DSB and other TV talent contests, the popstar added: "This show is not based on just the number of high notes that a person can sing. They have to be across the board, very good at a lot of things. Not necessarily the best in the game at just one skill. That's where it becomes different from just singing or just dancing shows."

Donít Stop Believing starts on Sunday at 7pm on Five.