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Anastacia, 41, is famous for her powerful soul voice. She’s sold over 20 million albums globally and is a judge on Five talent show Don’t Stop Believing. A breast cancer survivor, she lives in the US and is single after her three-year marriage to bodyguard Wayne Newton ended four months ago.

TV If you're in on your own, what do you secretly watch on TV?
I'm a TV junkie on the quiet. I love sci-fi series, the English version of The Office and 24, all of which I have on DVD box sets. Plus I was really into the World Cup when it was on, cheering for America!

HOLS the tackiest place you've been on holiday, and loved?
Las Vegas. I adore the casinos, especially the slot machines - I love the sound they make. I love the machines with crazy little names such as White Trash and Triple Decker. I won a thousand dollars once having put only a few nickels in the machine!

FOOD What can't you help snacking on, even though you know you shouldn't?
I have a sweet tooth and usually prefer puddings to chocolate, but recently I'm loving milk chocolate with caramel filling. Maybe it's a change in my age or something.

BAD HABITS What's your grubbiest habit?
When I first started being made-up by make-up artists, I thought, "This is amazing!" I got into the habit of sleeping with my fake eyelashes on, and did it for so long I became allergic to the glue. That is not a healthy habit to have!

MUSIC What's the most tragic CD you own?
I have a load of CDs where the singers are Brazilian and Italian and I don't know what they're saying. The Italian singer, Pino Daniele, is amazing. He's a traditional singer from Naples, and in Italy he's like God.

FASHION item in your wardrobe would shock the fashion police?
If Gok Wan looked in my wardrobe, he'd say: "Girlfriend, get rid of this jacket!" He'd be referring to a 10-year-old tie-dyed denim jacket, with holes in it. But I still wear it. Roberto Cavalli gave it to me a decade ago.

FILMS the cheesiest film you own?
I'm a total cheeseball about romantic films. Pretty Woman is my ultimate favourite. If it's sappy and has a happy ending I love it. And I was filled with joy when watched The Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock. I love that it was based on a true story.

CRUSH Do you have a secret celebrity crush?
Men who make me laugh do it for me. It sounds strange, but I really like Matt Lucas from Little Britain. For me, a good laugh has always been a moment to take the weight off my shoulders.

SPENDING What did you snap up in your last big spending spree?
A trampoline for my three godchildren, as well as lots of clothes and toys. I bought a bunch of stuff that kids don't usually need but would want. It cost a few thousand dollars, but it's more fun buying for others.

CRINGE What's been your most humiliating experience?
I split my pants on stage at the end of a song. At least, I think it was at the end. I had no idea about it until then, so I'm hoping I didn't perform all night like that! My trousers are usually very tight, like they're painted on. Nobody got it on video, as far as I know, so I won't say where or when it happened, just in case!

Don't Stop Believing, Sundays, 8pm, Five

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