Interview for Bunte

BUNTE talked exclusively with Anastacia after the ceremony about her marriage, her stunning wedding dress and her feelings.

How was this wonderful wedding day for you?
It was indescribable beautifully, like in a dream. The weather was grand. The spirit was fraught with love and luck. After the ceremony our guests got cocktails and then we took family photos. Around 8 pm we all walked to the reception and had a very funny evening.

There were a lot of guests. All from your family?
Seven from my family arrived, there were much more from Wayne's side!

You had cried. Was it so emotional?
Yes. Everyone was so touched and the tears were flowing from the time when we came to the altar.

Your wedding dress is really like a dream. Who had designed it?
My dress was designed by Jenny Packham from London. The color is called Oyster and we chose "1940 - old Hollywood" as theme for designing. Jenny and I had exactly this idea in the head. Then she realized this vision really perfectly.

It's your first marriage. How did you felt the days before?
The whole story would be too long but I can tell you: I was soooo endlessly happy but sometimes there were moments of crying too. Although Wayne and I weren't nervous before at all. It simply was just like it should.

How do you know that Wayne Newton is "Mr. Right"? You don't marry your bodyguard everyday.
Well, it's something that you just know and feel...

Where will you spend your honeymoon? Will you stay here in Mexico?
No, we will simply go to the other side of the world to find some peace and relax. I only can add: It's a very private and romantic place.

Do you already have plans for your future life?
No, but we are very excited and look forward to our shared life and our future working projects.

Why did you marry in Mexico?
We were looking for an exotic place but for moderate price. Our friends and family aren't super-rich.