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"I often fall on my butt"

16th February 2010

Pop star Anastacia (41) talks about her love for skating, sports and why she likes travelling incognito so much.

Anastacia, what is it that you like about Art on Ice?
For a singer, it is a great thing. Seeing Olympic champions performing your songs is amazing. Iím totally excited.

What will the athletes conjure up from your music?
With each song, they tell a story. And they represent various moods - be it passionate, moody, or sad. Itís gonna be really thrilling.

Do we also get to see you on ice?
Iíve tried it earlier in Central Park in New York. I loved it. Iím no skater though. Iím no better than any other mortals. I manage on ice somehow but I often fall on my butt (laughs).

Are you looking forward to sightseeing in Zurich?
I wonít have much time during Art on Ice. Fortunately, Iíve already had many, many appearances in Zurich. Itís a cold city. I donít mind that at all though. I grew up in Chicago, I cannot be shocked by cold. Zurich is nicer in winter. And Iím not worried by snow anyway.

Youíre a workaholic. Do you have also give yourself breaks?
Last summer, I had a holiday in Portugal. I think holidays are extremely important. You can let your mind and soul relax and regain strength.

Do you miss your homeland, America?
Iíd like to spend more time there. But work is work. I spend more time on it than in my bed. Itís a part of life. Indeed, most of us work hard to be able to later enjoy life.

Does it bother you that youíve never made a breakthrough in the USA?
Iíve grown used to my European career and my European life. I live in America, I work here. I think non-Americans find it more difficult when no recognition comes from overseas. I find it practical actually because this way I have my peace and quiet at home. So completely incognito.

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