Interview for Alison Crombie

Congratulations on your wedding! Was the day as magical as you hoped it would be?
Anastacia: I felt very peaceful. The magic in this day exceeded all that I hoped for; I never dared to dream I would marry some day! I was not prejudiced but I think the way we created our wedding really represented us and the way we are together.

Will you assume the name Mrs. Newton?
Anastacia: Absolutely! Although I still have to get used to it. Of course I'm known as Anastacia but I will call myself Anastacia Newton!

The wedding seemed very intimate. What have been the highlights and special moments for the two of you?
Anastacia: I wish every girl could celebrate a wedding like that. I've never been at a wedding as intimate as this one. Mainly it has been the people that helped us with the wedding. They made that day something very special. My sister Shawn and Kiki Lee Herr prepared the wedding and created the perfect ambience for us.

Wayne: It was the fusion of two families and the hearts and souls of these families. I truly believe in this wedding with Anastacia.

Did you always imagine marrying on a small scale?
Anastacia: We invited 80 guests and we wanted to make this wedding something special for us and our friends. I did not really have an idea about how my wedding should look. I just knew I would like to marry on a beach.

The scenery is just beautiful; how did you find this place?
Anastacia: We were looking for Boutique hotels in Mexico and just took a look on several places on the internet. Wayne was the first man who took me with him on vacation. On our first trip he took me to Mexico. Then we found this hotel and in December we started planning. We didn't want any hype that goes along with a lot of places. This venue made it possible for all our close friends and our family to be present.

Wayne: We love this place and to me it seemed to be a soulful place to marry.

Anastacia: Our relationship is pure, and this place had a sense of purity. Wayne and I love the warm climate; we'd rather be on the beach than go skiing.

Wayne, could you co-decide on the wedding plans?
Wayne: Of course, after all, this wedding was about both of us. I was involved in every step. I never thought it would be so much fun for me but we had so much fun choosing the meal and sampling the wine. It was a lot of fun.

Anastacia, Wayne comes from England . Does that mean you will spend more time in England from now on?
Anastacia: I spent some years looking for houses and apartments in London. I like the idea of being there, but we also like Los Angeles a lot – where we live right now.

How did Wayne propose?
Anastacia: When he asked me I was totally stunned. He caught me off guard and got the ring without me knowing about it. One day he came with me to a manicure and suddenly he disappeared with the excuse that he'd have to do some phone calls, which sounded strange. As he came back he said he'd have to talk to his family. He talked with them and acted weird. Then he asked me if I'd have two one-dollar bills – I did not know why – so I looked in my purse, and as I took them out he said: “Look in your purse”. As I did that, I found a little blue box with a bow in my purse. I couldn't believe it and thought: “What if this is a friendship ring?” I've never worn a ring on this finger and I didn't know if it would fit. I couldn't believe he proposed. And then he asked me so sweet: “Will you marry me?” So we both were standing on the street, I was shocked and we both cried. It was such an unbelievable moment.

Wayne, you were living a normal life in England . Now your life will take place in the spotlight. How will you handle that?
Wayne: It is no problem for me. It's a part of it. In my job as bodyguard I spent years escorting people. I can as well do that for my wife. This life eventually is a swap and when we get photographed I'm ready for it.

Anastacia: We wanna build up a life beyond the cameras that is very private and lovely. Spending a lot of time outside of America made it possible for me to have quality of life, without paparazzi that are chasing me. Living without this attention is a choice I can make with Wayne now.

Recently you brought a collection with s.Oliver onto the market. Was the choice of your wedding dress very important?
Anastacia: To design with s.Oliver was an unbelievable experience and my collection is available in 550 stores worldwide. When I was to choose my wedding dress I asked Jenny Packham do design my dress and also the dress of my sister and my mother. I can't describe how great that was – It was hand-embroidered, pearly instead of white, with a light veil. I even had jewelled parts in my hair. I knew which cut the dress should have, Jenny showed me some pictures and we connected our ideas. We chose a design we both liked and after some creations and about eight fittings I had the dress of my dreams.

The party after the ceremony sounded great! To which song did you dance first?
Anastacia: It is by Kenny Lattimore and is called “For You”. The words really represent what our marriage personates for us.

You took some time off and your greatest hits Album Pieces of a Dream was your latest album. What are your plans for the future?
Anastacia: As soon as we are back home I will go back in the studio and work with new material. Hopefully the new album will come out next year then!

Musically, will you go in a different direction?
Anastacia: It will be the same way as my last album. There are several people in the same genre, like for example Kelly Clarkson and Pink, and I'm thankful they exist cause so my style becomes rather accessible for the people.

Are there musicians you would like to collaborate with? Whom do you like the most right now?
Anastacia: I like the Killers very much. I like what they do.

Do you and Wayne have the same taste in music?
Anastacia: Wayne loves it when the music is playing at home and we like similar music. But he likes Hip Hop and I'm not a very big fan of that.

Which hopes do you have for your marriage? How do you imagine to be married?
Anastacia: I'm very exited! Wayne is a great boyfriend, partner and now husband. I'm really looking forward to our future together and the ups and downs of life.

Wayne: We vowed to each other, with our soul and our mind. And we planned a lot of fantastic things.