Author: Filda, Date: 30th November 2008

 Promotional works in Switzerland continue...  Anastacia sang Absolutely Positively (lip-synch) at the show Benissimo yesterday. After her appearance she had a short interview with the anchorman of the show about ducks :-)

Benissimo (Switzerland, Zurich, 29/11/2008)
Download it on
Watch it on YouTube

Then Anastacia met her fans and she told them very interesting informations:
  - ticket sale will start in about next two weeks
  - the tour will begin in the end of May 2009
  - promotion of the single Absolutely Positivily will continue in January 2009
  - she will be in Romania on December 31st because of the private concert
  - there are no promotional plans about America now

Sources:, (Valerio),

Energy Stars For Free -- UPDATED --
Author: Filda, Date: 29th November 2008

 As you know Anastacia took part on this event yesterday. I added 47 photos into our gallery, you can download video records of I'm Outta Love and Absolutely Positively. There's also a low quality record of I Can Feel You on YouTube.

Now you can also download I Can Feel You and Left Outside Alone.
(Thanks: mr_campbell)

Sources:, (thanks Tommy for the videos!)

Email from Anastacia
Author: Filda, Date: 29th November 2008

Hello Fan-ily,

I'm sorry I haven't emailed in a while. I had about 5 days off and caught up on some much-needed sleep and went to see a few movies! It was very nice and relaxing! I am heading to the airport today and flying to Switzerland where I have two TV shows to perform at. The first is on Friday with a bunch of other wonderful artists - it's a benefit concert so I will get to perform in front of a large audience. I'll be singing 4 songs, which will be a lot of fun! Saturday I will perform on the Lottery Show.

I can't believe it's almost December! I love seeing the decorations starting to show up in the shops and I am excited to do my own decorating when my promo work ends on Dec 16th.

I send everyone a big hug. Speak to you soon...

x Anastacia

Author: Filda, Date: 29th November 2008

Anastacia and her husband attended British Fashion Awards event on November 25th in London. Photos are on and A video of their arrival is on YouTube.

She went to Curich on Thursday because of her Friday appearance for Energy Stars For Free concert. She sang I Can Feel You, Absolutely Positively, I'm Outta Love and Left Outside Alone. Videos will follow soon. For now you can look at the photo from the Zurich airport.

We have another source of Anastacia's exlusive news! In addition to her Myspace now she also have own official YouTube account with its exclusive videos from her trips round the Europe!

Check out and watch the third part of the video Making of... Heavy Rotation.

There are photos from the booklet of the album Heavy Rotation on

And this is a cover for the single Absolutely Positively:


Absolutely Positively Video premiere
Author: Ondo, Date: 26th November 2008

   Absolutely Positively video premiere was today! So you can click on picture below and see it. Enjoy it!

Thanks: Hasenschatz

Divas II

Author: Filda, Date: 24th November 2008

The show Divas II was aired yesterday and Anastacia performed with her songs Left Outside Alone and I Can Feel You here. It was such a wonderful appearance! Her look was great, her voice was absolutely amazing and the audience clapped like crazy during her songs!

Download it on

Making of... Heavy Rotation, part 2

Author: Filda, Date: 22nd November 2008

There's a new video on It shows us some backstage shots from the recording studio and from the photoshooting for the newest album. You must watch it or download it because it's really great one!

Anastacia: "I'm going to start the ticket sale in about a month!"

Author: Filda, Date: 20th November 2008

She said this during an interview for the Italian RDS radio! Download the interview here.


Author: Filda, Date: 18th November 2008

After her appearance at Serata D'Onore Anastacia with her husband went to the Antica Pesa restaurant where they stayed till 3 a.m.! Photos are on the

Anastacia in Rome

Author: Filda, Date: 17th November 2008

Anastacia spent some time in Rome last days. She stayed in the hotel Exedra where she also met her Italian fans. Photos from this fan meeting are on the

She sang ICFY (it was a lip-synch) at Serata D'Onore show and you can download a HQ recording of this appearance on the

Anastacia's father

Author: Filda, Date: 17th November 2008

Many of you surely know Anastacia's father Robert Newkirk left the family when Anastacia was a teenager. Then she didn't stay in touch with him and her relationship with him was very cold. But you maybe don't know her father died during her tour in Europe in 2004-2005. She said this in the new interview for Scotland on Sunday.

Heavy Rotation - a flop!?

Author: Filda, Date: 17th November 2008

There are sale numbers of the album Heavy Rotation:
1st week: 61 100 copies
2nd week: 43 300 copies

You can compare it with sales of "Anastacia" album:
1st week: 419 300 copies
2nd week: 362 600 copies

The album totally flops in Anastacia's "music home" - in Germany. And in Great Britain too. Only in Sweden it got a gold plaque for 30 000 sold copies.

According to some Portuguese magazine Anastacia knows about this sad situation but she is happy about her new album and she doesn't care about sale numbers...

UNIVERSAL / Mercury maybe want to discover how much can this project flop. Why don't they want fans' help in promoting? Why don't they distribute enough albums and posters into the stores in some countries?

In my eyes, the biggest mistake was to chose Ne-Yo's song I Can Feel You for the first single. Now people think Anastacia does a plain pop without any meaning... How sad...

Source of sale numbers: Corné

Video Absolutely Positively

Author: Ondo, Date: 17th November 2008

Finally we have some information about new video for next single Absolutely Positively.

Shooting date: 4th November 2008
Location: 221 New Cross Road, London, England
Director: Nigel Dick
Producer: Cathy Hood
Assistant director: Joe Carter
Director of photography: Jake Polonsky
Art director: Tess Bartlett
Editor: Nick Allix
Notice: After the shoot we all raced home to watch news of the U.S. election.

Nigel Dick did two more videos for Anastacia I'm Outta Love and Cowboys & Kisses. He did more then 400 videos for other artists. For example Britney Spears, Nickelback, Bryan Adams and more.



Author: Filda, Date: 15th November 2008

Anastacia did an interview for the BBC1 Radio on October 22nd. For example she explained why the booklet and the cover of the album Heavy Rotation are in "vinyl" look. Download the interview here.



Author: Filda, Date: 14th November 2008

I have two sets of photos for you today.

Anastacia attended a dinner held by Glamour magazine in London Sanderson hotel yesterday. There were lots of celebrities and also many photographers so if you go to, you'll find there four new photos from this event. The other ladies from those pictures are Leona Lewis and Jo Elvin.

You all know Ana did a performance on Mooi! weer de Leeuw show on November 9th and we have photos now! They were published on the official web site of the show and you can find them in our gallery.


Author: Filda, Date: 13th November 2008

According to the Austrian fan club single Absolutely Positively will be released on 9th January 2009! (this information came from Universal so it is reliable).

The show Divas II which was recorded couple of weeks ago will be aired on 24th November. Callum from has brought us today two brand-new photos from the filming of this show so check out his gallery!

If you want to watch a new interview for the STYLE.IT, click here.

Yesterday interview for RTL Boulevard is available for download here now.

Sources: (ForeverFreak ,surviva_chick) + already mentioned sites

WMA leaving, news

Author: Filda, Date: 12th November 2008

After her appearance on WMA, Anastacia went to Nice (France) where is an airport. She went back to home from here. Pictures from the airport are in our gallery. Source: Corné

You can vote for Anastacia's MTV EMAs outfit here. So click on and support her in the promoting of her latest album!

RTL uploaded a new interview with Anastacia form the RTL Boulevard program on their web site. Watch it here. Source:

World Music Awards - appearance

Author: Filda, Date: 11th November 2008

Yes, she really sang Absolutely Positively. It was just a great performance! This song fits her voice much better than ICFY.

Watch it on: YouTube
Download it in HQ on:

World Music Awards

Author: Filda, Date: 10th November 2008

World Music Awards took place in Monaco yesterday and Anastacia was there. She and Chace Crawford presented the award for the best male singer to Kid Rock. She also had an appearance here and it is almost sure she sang Absolutely Positively. We haven't a video yet but check out, and for about 80 exclusive photos!

Children In Need

Author: Filda, Date: 9th November 2008

Anastacia took part in the Children In Need charity on this Thursday. brought us photos of her with Pudsey the bear.


Author: Filda, Date: 9th November 2008

According to Anastacia shot a video for Absolutely Positively single on Monday November 3rd. It will be released in the end of November.

She also had an appearance at the Mooi weer de Leeuw show. She was absolutely amazing! An interviews was really funny and "naughty" :-) She sang ICFY with a band and it's been the best ICFY performance yet! Much better than original album version.

Watch it on YouTube or download it on

Video message for her fans

Author: Filda, Date: 9th November 2008

Anastacia sent a video message to her fans who waited for her in front of the television studio yesterday (she couldn't go out to them because she had a cold). Download it on or

Interview for the GWR Bristol Radio

Author: Filda, Date: 9th November 2008

It is an interview from October 27th and it is about 10 minutes long. You can listen to it on the official radio web site (there's also a photo of Anastacia with a moderator of the show).


MTV European Music Awards - videos etc.

Author: Filda, Date: 9th November 2008

Anastacia was spotted leaving her hotel before EMAs and we have photos! You'll find them on And let me tell you she looks gorgeous!

There's a list of all videos from EMAs:

Interview on the red carpet (asked by Perez Hilton)
Presenting an award to Tokio Hotel
Interview in the main show
Backstage interview (asked by Perez Hilton)
Backstage interview II.



Author: Filda, Date: 9th November 2008

Interview for

The video’s a bit risqué at times…
“I know - even I was surprised at my own raciness! I was a bit like ‘Woah!’, but I have to say, the day after I did it I steered clear of the papers. It was done in a day too - at the moment, the music industry has about three dollars to make a video, and you’re like ‘Great!’ So you have to get creative. There’s a tattoo on my back in the video, but it wasn’t real because we didn’t have time to put it on. So I went the day after the shoot and got it done properly - it took six hours.”

Interesting, isn't it?


Anastacia in Netherlands

Author: Filda, Date: 9th November 2008

Ana was in Netherlands last days where she promoted her new album. She did some interviews, made some photographs for magazines and she did an appearance at Paul de Leeuw's talk show.

Photos from her arriving to the Amsterdam hotel are on

Remix 9

Author: Filda, Date: 7th November 2008

After a long break I uploaded a new remix for download! This time it's Left Outside Alone (M*A*S*H Master Mix).

New message from Anastacia

Author: Ondo, Date: 7th November 2008

Hello Fan-ily...

I am at the Manchester airport heading to Amsterdam...I was presenting an award at the European MTV awards yesterday!!! It was a very long day but I had a great time!!! How cool that the event was in Liverpool!!!!

I didn't get to hang out with anybody but I did say hello to Leona Lewis, P!nk and Kid Rock!!! I am going to perform on the World Music Awards on Sunday so with any luck I will have some behind the scenes video footage from a super cool video camera that my record label gave me so I could share some fun and special moments with you guys...

more to come...

(-: xoAnastacia

MTV Europe Music Awards

Author: Ondo, Filda Date: 7th November 2008

   Anastacia yesterday presented an award to Tokio Hotel, who are winners of the category Headliner. Stacey looks really amazing and in my opinion it was her best outfit this year. So click on pictures below to see photos from the red carpet, the award presentation and the backstage.

Moro photos here:

MTV Europe Music Awards

Author: Filda, Date: 6th November 2008

Today is a day of the biggest and the most famous music event in the Europe - MTV European Music Awards. It tooks place in Liverpool (Great Britain) this year and Anastacia is here fur sure! She stays in the Hope Street Hotel in these days and we have some pictures of her in front of this hotel (check them out below). The whole show is airing live on the internet now.

Photos from London

Author: Filda, Date: 5th November 2008

14 new photos from the London concert at G-A-Y are available in real HQ on so check them out!

Hello Magazine

Author: Ondo, Date: 5th November 2008

   Anastacia is in current issue of UK magazine Hello. We have a new photos from it, where Anastacia looks little older that in last photoshoots. Click on pictures below to see scans of new photos.

Thanks: Corné and Star from AFU

This morning
Author: Filda, Date: 3rd November 2008

This is a name of the show which has aired a new interview with Anastacia today. The most interesting information Anastacia has said - the video for Absolutely Positively single will be directed by Nigel Dick (director of the I'm Outta Love video!). Download the interview here.

Source: (Star)

PS: videos from London concert are on

G-A-Y concert
Author: Filda, Date: 2nd November 2008

Anastacia has had a concert in the G-A-Y club in London today at 1:30 a.m. There is a play list:

1. Left Outside Alone
2. Absolutely Positively
3. I Can Feel You
4. One Day In Your Life
5. I'm Outta Love
6. We Are Fan-ily
7. We Will Rock You

The concert took about one hour but she spoke a lot so she sang only these seven songs :-) She said Absolutely Positively will be the next single for sure. And let me tell you she looked great - a yellow and gold outfit really fits her.

Photos are on these web sites:

 Videos will follow soon.

Some Italian fans met her before the concert. They took many photos and they were with her for about 20 minutes! Photos are on

Jackpot TV
Author: Filda, Date: 2nd November 2008

The show Jackpot TV was aired yesterday and Anastacia had a performance here - she sang I Can Feel You (lip-synch again). You can download it here (you will need the Real Player to watch it).