Loose Women
Author: Filda, Date: 31st October 2008

Anastacia was at the British show Loose Women yesterday. She sang I Can Feel You (lip-synch) again.

Taio Cruz & Anastacia
Author: Filda, Date: 31st October 2008

Taio Cruz participated on Anastacia's new album Heavy Rotation. He said this in some interview. But we don't know on which song(s) he did. Maybe on Naughty...?

Source: Callum
Author: Filda, Date: 31st October 2008

Ciao Fan-ily!

Here is a picture of me on the balcony of the Exedra Hotel enjoying the beautiful view and weather before the crazy rain storm hit, flooding out the football match that was going on next to the Rai TV, Lottery/Corumba I was performing on...

What a fabulous suite they put me in!!!! I felt like a super Diva... but as always, never staying long enough!!! :-(

I'm back in London and heading in town to do a TV show called Loose Women... should be lots of fun!!!!

Looking forward to performing at G-A-Y this Saturday night. More to come...



Interview for Radio 2
Author: Filda, Date: 31st October 2008

Ana did a short eight minutes long interview for the BBC Radio 2. The interview is available for download on

Author: Filda, Date: 31st October 2008

Finally we can watch ICFY from Pink Ribbon Gala in good quality. Here is a video from the YouTube:

Anastacia performed at the Italian lottery Carramba! che Fortuna where she sang ICFY (she used a lip-synch) on October 29th. Video is on the or on the YouTube.
Author: Filda, Date: 29th October 2008

Hello Everyone

It was a very long day yesterday - I arrived in Stockhom, Sweden at 4am.

At the hotel, they brought me space heater to help warm up my room - unfortunately, when I plugged them in they blew the main fuse so I was left in the dark!! The hotel brought me up a flashlight and I was laughing at myself trying to brush my teeth with only the light from the flashlight!!!

I just finished singing at a wonderful Gala supporting Breast Cancer!!! I am at the airport getting ready to fly to Rome where I will be performing on the Lottery Show.

That's all for now...

Other yesterday news
Author: Filda, Date: 29th October 2008

Anastacia pre-recorded the Divas show on Monday October 27th (the show will be aired on October 23rd). She sang two songs - Left Outside Alone and probably I Can Feel You. Mail Online published a photo of Anastacia leaving studios after the show. This photo is also in our gallery.

There's a new interview for the Swedish online magazine Aftonbladet. New photos of Ana are enclosed to this interview so click here to see them. If you want to read the interview in English go to the!

Sources: (Luís),

Pink Ribbon Gala
Author: Filda, Date: 29th October 2008

There was a big concert in Stockholm (Sweden) called Pink Ribbon Gala yesterday. Anastacia sang I Can Feel You live here and her show was absolutely amazing! Her look was really great (gold dress and beautiful hairstyle made her look younger) and this was the first time she sang ICFY clearly.

Three photos from a backstage are online on, a record of the show in HQ is not available yet so watch it in LQ on YouTube - [1] [2].

Some fans met Anastacia after her appearance so check out Corné's web site where are some photos from the meeting.

Special thanks: to Callum who provided us both videos. Thank you!

Author: Filda, Date: 28th October 2008

Anastacia has attended the GMTV today. She's done a little interview and she's sung her I Can Fee You song. The interview is on YouTube and the appearance is available for download on Rapidshare or Sendspace.

And we discovered yesterday Anastacia did a really funny interview before her performance on Graham Norton. You can download it here.

Sources: (Madonion007), (Star)

Author: Filda, Date: 27th October 2008

After a such long waiting it's finally here - the new official web site!

We also have new videos:
Interview for Prominent program - source:
Backstage video from Prominent shooting - source: (surviva_chick)
Video from shopping in the Saturn shop (Cologne) - source: (Jax)

And if you want to listen to the Capital Radio interview which was aired on October 23rd download it here (it is only a part of the interview, the full interview wasn't recorded). Source: (Kaly)

Anastacia torments herself in gym!
Author: Filda, Date: 26th October 2008

Few years ago Anastacia said she really doesn't fancy to go to the gym to do some exercises. But know she is like Madonna!

Anastacia has been hitting the gym for Madonna-like two-hour exercise sessions every day. I feel exhausted just hearing about her work-outs in preparation for the promotion of her new album Heavy Rotation, which is out tomorrow.

The tiny American singer (I felt like a giant standing next to her) told me: "I do cardio, weights, cardio, weights and then proper stretching every morning, and dance all afternoon."


The Mirror daily has released this information today.


Nur die Liebe zählt & TOP +
Author: Filda, Date: 26th October 2008

Nur die Liebe zählt show has been aired today and Anastacia has performed her single ICFY here. After this she also has sung a song We Are Fan-ily with her fans and then she's received a small present from the moderator of this show - a photo from 2000 when she performed in Germany for the first time. But TV station aired only that part with ICFY performance :-/ You can download it on

A new interview for TOP + is available for download on

Another videos
Author: Filda, Date: 25th October 2008

Cargo-Scalo 76 - interview for a Italian TV - Source:
Belga - interview for a Belgian TV - Source: (Surviva_Chick)

Interview for Pravo
Author: Filda, Date: 25th October 2008

Czech daily Pravo has published an interview with Anastacia today. She said she voted for Obama (she could already do that because she won't be in the USA during vote). Scan is in our gallery.

Anastacia is a perfect daughter
Author: Filda, Date: 25th October 2008

Pop star Anastacia made good on a promise to buy her new record "Heavy Rotation" for her mother on the first day of its release. The "I'm Outta Love" singer vowed to her mother Diane she would purchase the CD in a shop for her rather than getting a free promotional copy from her record company. Because of Anastacia's packed schedule, her mom doubted she would be able to do so - but the singer promised to hand over a photo and the receipt to prove it. Together with her husband Wayne Newton and her sister Shawn, the star went to home electronics store Saturn in Cologne, Germany to buy a copy of "Heavy Rotation" as soon as it hit shelves on 24 October 2008. "I can't refuse my mother's request," Anastacia said.

Photos from this event are on


Videos and photos
Author: Filda, Date: 25th October 2008

Anastacia sang a live version of ICFY at Graham Norton Show this Thursday. You can download it here (115 MB).


She also did an interview for the French TV program FanDe which was aired on October 18th. You can find this interview here (66 MB).


Ana is in Cologne these days and video cameras are following her steps everywhere! A short reportage from Mittagsmagazin is on, longer and mainly funny  interview from Leute Heute is also there.


Magazine Caras published an interview with Anastacia few days ago. There's nothing interesting about this interview BUT we can have a look at two brand-new photos by Luís Coelho who took them during Anastacia's sojourn in Spain on September 27th. Pics are in our gallery.


Singer's voice was heard on air of UK Capital Radio the day before yesterday because she had done an interview here. Photos from the radio studio are in gallery (really great ones in HQ! 3000x4000 pix).


She was also spotted in front of the Cologne Hyatt Hotel where she lives now. More photos are on


Sources: (snoop, memoriae),,, (Jax),,

Album Heavy Rotation - in stores from today!
Author: Filda, Date: 22nd October 2008

Yes! The European version of Anastacia's brand new album is out now! It contains "only" 11 tracks - it misses song Beautiful Messed Up World. On Monday 27th album will  be also released in the UK.

German iTunes has added the album into its online shop today include a new song called Naughty. You can download a preview here (Save target as...).

Dancing with the Stars - photos
Author: Filda, Date: 22nd October 2008

Thanks to Corné who has shared two beautiful photos from the Dancing with the Stars show with us. You can see these photos in our gallery.
Author: Filda, Date: 21st October 2008

Hi Fan-ily!!!

Life is moving fast and furious!!! I am happily in Barcelona staying at the beautiful Arts Hotel where I can stare at the beautiful sea and palm trees which has me missing my home in Los Angeles...

Last night, I performed my single, 'I Can Feel You' on Dancing with the Stars. I was nervous they would judge my dance moves!! I used every Spanish word I could think of when the host came to talk with me!! I enjoyed the show so much even though it was a live show and I didn't perform till 12:30am... The Spaniards love a late night.. (-:

Today I am doing a bunch of TV press interviews and travel back to London tonight. Tomorrow I will be performing my single on a UK TV show called Graham Norton...

xo Anastacia

Mira Quien Baila - Dancing with the Stars
Author: Filda, Date: 21st October 2008

Anastacia performed her single I Can Feel You in Barcelona yesterday in the show called Dancing with the Stars. You can watch record of her appearance on YouTube or download it in HQ here.


Beautiful Messed Up World - preview

Author: Ondo, Date: 19th october 2008

Exclusive of this site - a preview of the song Beautiful Messed Up World in HQ! You has never heard this part of the song so enjoy it.

Album information

Author: Ondo, Date: 18th october 2008

   I prepared for you an excusively information about writers and producents of album Heavy Rotation. As you can see Anastacia didn´t write only 3 songs, Absolutely Positively, I Can Feel You and Heavy Rotation. Please don´t use information without credit.

I Can Feel You (C.Harmon, S.Smith),produced by Chuck Harmony, koprod.: Ne-Yo
The Way I See It (Anastacia, J.Kugell, J.Jones, J.Pennock, A.Frampton, D.Mitchell), produced by The Heawyweights, Andrew Frampton, REO & Lester Mendez
Absolutely Positively (C.Harmon, S.Smith),prod. by Chuck Harmony, copr.: Ne-Yo
Defeated (Anastacia, J.Rotem, D.Sharpe), produced by J.R. Rotem
In Summer (Anastacia, G.Chambers, R.Love), produced by Chuck Harmony,
Heavy Rotation (R.Jerkins, F. Storm), produced by Rodney Jerkins,
Same Song (Anastacia, G. Chambers), produced by Lester Mendez,
I Call It Love (Anastacia, J. Kugell, J.Jones, J. Pennock, A. Frampton), produced by The Heawyweights, Andrew Frampton & REO
All Fall Down (Anastacia, G. Chambers), produced by Lester Mendez
Never Gonna Love Again (Anastacia,G. Chambers),produced by Chuck Harmony
You´ll Be Fine (Anastacia, L. Mendez, D. Sharpe), produced by Lester Mendez
Beautiful Messed Up World (Anastacia, J.Kugell, J.Jones, J.Pennock, A.Frampton, D. Mitchell)

Author: Filda, Date: 17th October 2008

There are so many news today! The official web site  was updated so now there is a new video - an exclusive promo interview, and you can also read a new message from Stacey here. But that still isn't all! When do you want to see Anastacia saying hello to her fans (to us!) check out this link .-)

Hi Fan-ily!!!!!!

The record release is fast approaching!!! I can't wait for you guys to see the album packaging, I just saw it a few days ago and I was so excited and proud of what we created for you!!!

I've seen some wonderful, familiar faces of fans during this last month of promotion. It fills my heart to know you haven't forgotten about me!!!

Creating this album was a lot of fun. I can't believe I've written so many happy songs!! I hope you are enjoying the video for my single, I Can Feel You.....can you believe the hot tub scene!!! Haa Ha Ha....Neyo did such a great job writing the song and I am enjoying singing and performing it as well!!

Stay Tuned for more gossip from my travel.....


Cover + booklet - exclusive of this site!
Author: Filda, Date: 17th October 2008

Thanks to Ondo you can see scans of the Heavy Rotation booklet in our gallery now!


New previews - exclusive of this site!
Author: Filda, Date: 17th October 2008

This is the first Anastacia site which have it - exclusive 30 sec. previews of all songs from the forthcoming album! Enjoy it!

1. I Can Feel You
2. The Way I See It
3. Absolutely Positively
4. Defeated
5. In Summer
6. Heavy Rotation
7. Same Song
8. I Call It Love
9. All Fall Down
10. Never Gonna Love Again
11. You'll Be Fine

Please don't re-upload it on your own web site, use links only.

New schedule for the UK
Author: Filda, Date: 16th October 2008

The best news of today is that Anastacia will start with promotion really soon in the UK! There is a schedule:

23/10/08 The Graham Norton Show (BBC2, 22:00 GT)
28/10/08 GMTV (ITV1)
31/10/08 Loose Women (ITV1)
01/11/08  - G.A.Y !!!
03/11/08 This Morning (ITV1)
23/11/08 Diva's (ITV1)

New message from Anastacia
Author: Filda, Date: 16th October 2008

What a fun day!

I spent about 6 hours doing phone interviews from so many countries I haven't spoken to in a long time; Korea,Ireland,Singapore, Indonesia...

I was also very lucky to be able to do this work from my home!!!!

I have another full day of phoners tomorrow...


Another interviews
Author: Filda, Date: 14th October 2008

An interview for the Herbstzeit show (ORF2) was aired yesterday. So if you want to watch it, visit where you can download it. The Seitenblicke interview was aired today and you can download it on

Author: Filda, Date: 13th October 2008

News for the last 24 hours:

Release of the single I Can Feel You in the UK was cancelled. Why Mercury Records did this? Nobody knows, British fans are disgusted.

Anastacia has added a new message on her Myspace blog today: Hello... I just got back from a overnight trip to Helsinki, Findland... I performed my new single on a TV show... It was great to perform the song and has got me excited for all the upcoming TV performances I will be doing starting October 20th...xoAnastacia She has written "Findland" instead of "Finland" :-)

Ana will also take part in an exclusive webchat for The Sun newspaper later this week. If you want to ask Anastacia for something send your question to email. Don't forget write "Anastacia" as a subject of your message and write your name and address too. 

You can also watch two new video interviews - for Brisant and Café plus now so check them out on! The another video report is here (click on "Bekijk video").


Author: Filda, Date: 12th October 2008

Anastacia appeared at the Jackpot TV show in Helsinki (Finland) yesterday. The show will be aired on November 1st on MTV 3. Anastacia sang her I Can Feel You single here.

The single I Can Feel You was released on this Friday so check it out in your music stores and buy your legal copy!

Austrian fan club got an amazing opportunity - they had a chance to make a 20min. interview with Anastacia! A video from this event is on the fan club web site. There are the most interesting points:
  - the next single will be probably Absolutely Positively song
  - Anastacia's the most favourite song is Heavy Rotation
  - I Can Feel You won't be the premier single in America
  - Anastacia has also recorded two b-sides for her new album


Seitenblicke & Ganze Woche
Author: Ondo, Date: 11th October 2008

Anastacia appeared in yesterday's German magazines "Seitenblicke" and "Ganze Woche". If you want to see the scans of the magazines, click on the pictures below.

Source:: (Stacey452)

New previews of songs
Author: Filda, Date: 7th October 2008

There're three new previews of songs from HR album on - previews of Absolutely Positively, Defeated and Heavy Rotation. Anastacia's style is really different now and some of you will be maybe surprised...

Promotion in Vienna
Author: Filda, Date: 6th October 2008

Anastacia spent last Wednesday (1.10.) in Vienna where she did many interviews in her hotel room. The first interview was aired today on ATV.

Download a video on!

In Summer
Author: Filda, Date: 3rd October 2008

You can listen to an amazing song In Summer from the forthcoming album Heavy Rotation here! Thanks to  who has shared it with us!

Author: Filda, Date: 3rd October 2008

If you would like to see scans of the Czech version of Metro magazine click on the pictures below.

Anastacia for E news
Author: Filda, Date: 2nd October 2008

Another interview with Anastacia (this time for TV station E news) is for download here: /

Source: memoriae z SPCF

1st October - our new beggining
Author: Filda, Date: 2nd October 2008

I just want to let you know the biggest Slovak website about Anastacia ( is part of the from yesterday. A new redactor Ondo will help me with all the site stuff and he will be also redactor of the Slovak news.

New interviews
Author: Filda, Date: 2nd October 2008

If you would like to read some new interviews you can do it right now because Anastacia did some new ones.

The first interview is from the magazine Attidude. Anastacia answered some questions from the readers of this magazine here. You can look at scans of this article here: [1] [2] [3].

Anastacia also "occupied" magazines Metro all around the world yesterday! An article about her fight with a breast cancer and about the new single was published in almost all European versions of the magazine and in New York one too! Really great promotion for her, isn't it? All scans are on

Sources: (Rocker2010),

New photoshoots
Author: Filda, Date: 2nd October 2008

I have two new sets of photoshoots for you.

Photos from the first set were taken by Myrna Suarez during filming of I Can Feel You video (August 19th). I love them, they are really beautiful! So check them out here!

Another photo was photographed by Luís Coelho for Caras magazine during Anastacia's promo tour in Madrid (Spain) on 25th September 2008.


September news are in the archive.