Anastacia has the second most beautiful female body
Author: Filda, Date: 25th July 2008

When you look below you will discover that Anastacia was nominated in the VIVA '100 most beautiful bodies' competition. And now, I can tell you that Anastacia has occupied the 8th position. But when we would like to talk about women only, she has the second most beautiful female body after Nicole Scherzinger!

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New album title
Author: Filda, Date: 25th July 2008

Unofficial but trustworthy information was released by the online shop They say Anastacia's new album is called 'Heavy Rotation,' and it will be available from 24th October this year.

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First official information!
Author: Filda, Date: 24th July 2008

Concent of Anastacia‘s official page was deleted some days ago and now it was replaced by new one! It is new letter from Anastacia which confirms some of the rumours that you could read before. Letter is below.

Hello My Fan-ily!

It's true...I'm back! At a new label, with a new team and some new songs I'm very excited about and I can't wait for all of you to hear!

I've been in the studio writing and recording with some incredibly talented producers, like Ne-Yo, The Heavyweights, Sam & Louis, Lester Mendez, JR Rotem and many others and am now putting the finishing touches on the new album.

I'll be coming back to my European home-away-from-home this fall for the album release and then around the world shortly afterwards! Hope to see you all soon!

Love, Anastacia

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Pieces of our dream
Author: Filda, Date: 11th July 2008

Some internet pages released new information about Anastacia's forthcoming album and this information is really interesting!

According to the release of Anastacia's new album is planned for 14th November this year. This information comes from Universal Music company so we can hope it is true.

Other information comes from

     Anastacia recently signed a new deal with Mercury Records, reuniting her with its new president David Massey, with whom she has collaborated with on all her past records. She is currently in the studio writing and recording with some of the world’s most desired producers including: Ne-Yo (Rihanna, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce); Lester Mendez (Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Page); JR Rotem (Sean Kingston, Destiny’s Child, Fergie); Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams, Cathy Dennis, Kylie Minogue) and Rodney Jerkins (Pussycat Dolls, Beyonce, Natasha Bedingfield).
     After the planned release of Anastacia’s new album in late 2008, she will be embarking on a global tour. The world can certainly expect plenty more from the little lady with the big, big voice."

Footnote: label Mercure Records is a part of the recording giant Universal Music Group.

Do you believe it? It is your problem but I can tell you, something is on air and how we know Anastacia, it will be something really great!

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Frosted Pink
Author: Filda, Date: 8th July 2008

Anastacia sang at the Frosted Pink event on 6th October 2007 and now, official page of this event presents a new video where is Anastacia too (she talks about her breast cancer). It is very short but if you want to download it, you can do it here.

Author: Filda, Date: 6th July 2008

In last days Anastacia was nominated in some voting. Help Anastacia to win and vote!

KISS All Time Top 100
You can vote for these songs:
    I'm Outta Love (it is winning now!),
    Paid My Dues,
    One Day In Your Life,
    Sick And Tired,
    Left Outside Alone,
    Everything Burns,
    Pieces Of A Dream,
    I Belong To You

VIVA TV - 100 most beautiful bodies


Taio Cruz - possible collaborator
Author: Filda, Date: 6th July 2008

According to the and British R&B star Taio Cruz maybe helps Anastacia to record her new album. But this information isn't confirmed yet.

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New version of this web
Author: Filda, Date: 6th July 2008

I have finished the biggest rebuilding of this web in its history today. Maybe you don't see these changes at the first sight but they are really fundamental. I used "iframe" technology – it will cause that new pages will be loaded more quickly than before and I will be able to edit them easily. All pages were transformed into the new layout, I corrected mistakes etc. Hope you will enjoy the new version of this web!

I'm going to write really great article about link-up between Anastacia and s.Oliver in next days. I've got very exclusive materials from the management of s.Oliver so I think that it will be really interesting for reading! Stay tuned!