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Advert in the Marie Claire magazine
Author: Filda, Date: 7th June 2008

There is an advert in the topical issue of the Marie Claire magazine (June 2008, Czech republic) for Anastacia by s.Oliver Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Click on the picture and look at HQ scan of this advert.

Anastacia in print
Author: Filda, Date: 7th June 2008

Last issues of InStyle and OK magazines published information about Anastacia's new album. Remember, these information aren't still officially confirmed!

Article from the InStyle magazine:

Anastacia Newkirk (34) and Wayne Newton (40) are married for about 13 months now, but pics of the 1,60 tall singer and the bodyguard are as rare as a four leaved shamrock. Now the couple were cheerfully spotted. They met up in L.A. with the boss of "Universal". Reason: After a 4 year break, Anastacia will be back with a new Album at the end of the year.

Article from the OK magazine:

Los Angeles: No, it's not Heidi and Seal, it's US-Singer Anastacia, 34, and her haushand Wayne Newton. The two met up in "Café Med" with the PR Manager of Universal Music to discuss the campagne for Anastacia's Album that should be released in October.


Sources: (both articles - thank you!),

Meeting with agents of Universal
Author: Filda, Date: 7th June 2008

Anastacia met some people from Universal Music company on 16th May in Los Angeles at the Café Med on Sunset Boulevard. One of them was senior director for promotion - Sven Kiltau-Lander. This meeting is important for us because now we know that Anastacia is really under the new label - Universal Music. And next enjoyable fact is that we can look at new photos. Paparazzi made lots of photographs from this meeting and you can see them in the gallery of Next 5 HQ photos are at Maybe you are asking yourself isn't it too great chance that paparazzi were there? It is almost sure that paparazzi were unofficially invited to this meeting. Why? It is simple. Paparazzi = interest of media and what is better advert for star than a media interest?


Author: Filda, Date: 7th June 2008

I'm so sorry for no news in near last two months but I had some technical problems and I wasn't able to upload my page. But know, problems are fixed and I'll add all old news soon.