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Interview for Iconique Fashion magazine
Author: Filda, Date: 30th August 2006

I added new long interview for Iconique Fashion magazine.

Next photos in the gallery
Author: Filda, Date: 28th August 2006

I added 22 photos from the roadshow in Munich and 4 exclusive promo photos for fashion line Anastacia by s.Oliver. 


Exclusive interview with Anastacia in Yellow!
Author: Filda, Date: 25th August 2006

There is an exclusive interview in the Yellow magazine (August 2006 – the sixth issue) about Anastacia’s inception in the music carrer and about her fashion line. This interview is in the Czech language only. You can find scans in the gallery.

Official pages was update
Author: Filda, Date: 23rd August 2006

Official pages was updated! Specifically it is section News, where is new article about fashion line Anastacia by s.Oliver.

New two enormous photos
Author: Filda, Date: 21st August 2006

I have two enormous photos from the roadshow in Hamburg. They have these sizes: 2336 X 3504. You can download ones there.


List of news
Author: Filda, Date: 21st August 2006

Many hot news were popping up during the s.Oliver Roadshows. Here's a list with the most hottest.

1) More s.Oliver promotion is planned in Russia, France and Spain in the spring 2006.

2) There will be a new album and a tour in 2008.

3) Ressurection, her perfume will come out in November!

4) There could follow a male collection if Anastacia by sOliver is successfully enough.

Points 2 and 4 are truly because Anastacia confirmed it. But I can’t confirm other points.


Photos from the roadshow in Cologne
Author: Filda, Date: 21st August 2006

I added 42 photos from the roadshow in Cologne. You can find ones in the gallery.

Author: Filda, Date: 21st August 2006

I found autograph from Viennese roadshow on pages It was for Verena. More information about autograph and roadshow are in the article below.


Exclusive review of the roadshow in Vienna!
Author: Filda, Date: 19th August 2006

Verena, co-author of pages, attended of the roadshow in Vienna. She wasn't there  like ordinary fan, she was there like winer of competition Meet&Greet! 

As you know, Tommy and I were in Vienna yesterday! We met kinda early infront of the s.Oliver shop where a lot of amazing people from the austrian Fan Club were waiting too. We had a lot of fun, but after a while waiting became boring lol The whole show started at 17:00 o'clock!

Anastacia was very punctual and the crowd was screaming! Before Anastacia arrived fans who had a Fanzone-ticket were able to win a Meet&Greet and I won one *happy*  

So when Anastacia came with the A-Day bus the models came out first and presented Anastacia's clothes and at last Anastacia came out! She looked really really beautiful in her black dress with white spots and green/blue shoes which didn´t match LOL. But I loved the fact that they didn´t match, looked really funky! So she went over the red-carpet with "A"s on it and signed a lot of pictures and everything! Then she talked a bit about her clothing line! She told that it's for all kind of women and that she wanted that everybody can afford it (well, they are kinda expensive, if you ask me... lol). 

After that the left the lil stage and went into the s.Oliver shop where she gave interviews to thousands of reporter, interviewer and she let the photographers make pictures! 

Then the Meet&Greets started! All winner got a VIP-ticket so we could get into the s.Oliver shop. I was the 3rd person who came to Anastacia and the first she did was lying her hand on my shoulder which made me even more nervous as I already was  She signed a picture for me and told me that the girl before me also was named Verena, and that it´s a beautiful name, then she asked me if I liked the clothing line and after that the photographers made pictures of me and Anastacia! Then Wayne showed me where to go (Gawd, he was HOT!!! lol), I got something to drink and then it was over! 

After that the winner, who also on 40 Euros to shop s.Oliver, left the shop and we went outside again. A few minutes later Anastacia came out, signed again and left the shop in her black car  It was really an amazing day!!!!!


Photos from the roadshow in Hamburg
Author: Filda, Date: 19th August 2006

I added 58 photos from the roadshow in Hamburg to my gallery! Photos are in the best quality and I marshaled photos chronologically. No page about Anastacia have it like me :-)

Presentation of Anastacia's fashion line in the Czech republic!
Author: Filda, Date: 17th August 2006

The first presentation of Anastacia's collection in the Czech Republic! Do you want to be in that place? You must come on Saturday 19th August to the Prague club Radost FX. Striking models from fashion line Anastacia by s.Oliver, beautiful models, who show collection, pleasant ambience in the one of the best Prague clubs.


Win a few minutes with Anastacia in Vienna!
Author: Filda, Date: 17th August 2006

The austrian radiostation Oe3 raffle a Meet&Greet with Anastacia when she is in Vienna to present her new clothing line for you and one friend on coming Friday. You simply have to answer one question and why exactly you should win. You only can participate if you are 18 or older.


Information about Anastacia's arrival to Germany
Author: Filda, Date: 17th August 2006

She arrived on Tuesday 15th August at 5 pm in Fuhlsbüttel, Germany and already checked in her Hotel, 'The Hyatt' where she will do today photoshoots and interviews. Tomorrow, her first own designed fashion line will launch and she will personally present it at selected s.Oliver Stores in Germany and Austria. I wrote accurate specification below.


Fashion line Anastacia by s.Oliver was published!
Author: Filda, Date: 17th August 2006

Yes! Now the first roadshow is in motion, where Anastacia was too. You can buy pieces of the fashion line in all s.Oliver stores and on the internet. There is a new picture from some s.Oliver store. You can see section where is Anastacia’s fashion line :-)

Source: picture is from

Pages of s.Oliver actualized
Author: Filda, Date: 17th August 2006

Czech pages were actualized. You can find some information about Anastacia’s fashion line there. Pages were actualized too. They have new layout and information. You can buy some opuscule from Anastacia’s fashion line in the German s.Oliver e-shop.

Other pictures in my gallery!
Author: Filda, Date: 17th August 2006

I’m back and I added many s.Oliver’s pictures to my gallery. I added promo photos in the best quality, sketches of clothes, photos of clothes, promo posters from Germany, next ones are from the desert near L.A. and exclusive wallpapers from pages.

PS: There is small error in my gallery. Windows with full version of pictures are deformed because there is promotive lath. When you want see full version, you must click at the icon of "maximize" (see picture) .

Gallery opened!
Author: Filda, Date: 11th August 2006

I have opened my gallery today. All registered users have free access. You can find 13 exclusive photos from central railroad station in Cologne. We can only quietly envy that we haven’t those too.

PS: I will be out of home from today till Wednesday. Page will not be update. But when I will come home, I will rectify it :-)

Hosting A Fashion Show
Author: Filda, Date: 10th August 2006

According to the austrian 'Presse' Anastacia will host a Fashion Show during her promotion for s.Oliver in Vienna on August 18th. There are also other rumours around regarding a signing session and even a short concert so time is up for s.Oliver to throw light on it!


New Stella the game!
Author: Filda, Date: 10th August 2006

I find a new game on the! It calls Stella the game and you play on Stella's behalf. Even fashion can be entertaining :-)

A-Day Roadshow
Author: Filda, Date: 10th August 2006

I found official information on the official pages about the A-day roadshow! 

4 cities, 4 stores, fashion, fans and... ANASTACIA will be there in person to present her first fashion line!

Make sure you're in the front now!

Register now! Make and print out own ticket and gain entry to the fan zone!

Come & Win!

Ticket holders can enter a prize draw to win one of 8 highly sought-after iPod nanos with exclusive Anastacia by s.Oliver branding and fantastic fan packs!

You can register now on the official page. Good luck!

This is the ticket:


Anastacia by s.Oliver in the stores now!
Author: Filda, Date: 10th August 2006

Fashion collection Anastacia by s.Oliver is available in some German stores s.Oliver already!


New forum
Author: Filda, Date: 8th August 2006

I starded up a new forum. You can write all of remarks to this forum.

New information about promo actions for collection Anastacia by s.Oliver
Author: Filda, Date: 8th August 2006

Anastacia will come to Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Vienna.

17. August 2006, Thursday
s.Oliver store
Spitaler Str. 10
20095 Hamburg
Time: circa 12:00

Peek & Cloppenburg
Schildergasse 65-67
50667 Cologne
Time: circa 17:00

18. August 2006, Friday
Karstadt Oberpollinger
Kaufinger Str./Färbergraben
80331 Munich
Time: circa 12:00

s.Oliver store
Mariahilfer Straße 56
1070 Vienna
Time: circa 17:00


The first T-shirt from collection Anastacia by s.Oliver?
Author: Filda, Date: 8th August 2006

A new alleged T-shirt from the fashion collection Anastacia by s.Oliver were appeared on the pages Is it forgery? We don’t know but we will know it on 17th August because it is date when collection will go out.


Banners by s.Oliver, my logo 
Author: Filda, Date: 7th August 2006

There are banners by s.Oliver in the main sections. I hope that you like it. There is my logo on those banners. This logo will be my promotiveness symbol. This one will be everywhere on my page. I have created it. I will add section about Anastacia by s.Oliver soon.

New videos and audio in the Download department
Author: Filda, Date: 7th August 2006

I added two videos and one audio to the department Download today. The first video is called Bag of memories and the second is live appearance You Shook Me All Night Long – duet with Celine Dion. Audio is called Late Last Night.  


Now I opened the most comprehensive Czech pages about Anastacia!
Author: Filda, Date: 7th August 2006

Today is important day for all Czech and international fans of Anastacia because now exist this page! You can find many different information about Anastacia here. I will be perpetually to update and to follow up this page. There will be gallery soon. If you have interest to help me with this page, you can write to me. I'm looking for some people who could write transcript of videos and interviews. My e-mail is Well, it was “a few” words for introduction. When you will leave some message to me I will be thankful.