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Only a glimpse

Author: Filda, Date: 29th February 2008

Anastacia was photographed in the centre of London on February 11th when she hurried somewhither :-) You can see photos at the

Next video

Author: Filda, Date: 29th February 2008

I found another video from the Juliana MacDonalda's fashion show which was aired on the German programme Prominenti. You can download this video on the


Author: Filda, Date: 23rd February 2008

The German TV station RTL aired a short interview with Anastacia in its programme Eclusive. The interview was took during Julian MacDonald's fashion show. Download it here.

Another video realises arrivals at Vivienne Westwood's show. You can see Ana for some seconds.

London Fashion Week 3

Author: Filda, Date: 16th February 2008

Oh my goodness she did it again! Anastacia visited another fashion show. This time it was Julian McDonald's one which took place in Hilton hotel.

Anastacia by s.Oliver

Author: Filda, Date: 16th February 2008

The official Anastacia by s.Oliver website was finally updated so now we can see a new concept of promotion for Spring/Summer 2008 collection. Hot summer atmosphere hand in hand with a motto "My real holiday" - it makes man feel really hot!

Every section was changed:

"Anastacia's Fashion"  - there're clothes from the new collection which is presented by Anastacia herself. Thanks to this section we have promo photos in MQ - see gallery. Promotional team also  continues in wallpapers tradition. The newest one you can download in gallery too in two sizes - 1024x768 and 1280x1024.

"Anastacia's Life"  - there's a new letter wrote by Anastacia her in one's own hand and above all a new video "Making of Spring/Summer 2008". Anastacia fools around and mocks David Dalryple like every time - she looked really happy and cute. You can download video here.

Don't forget these materials are obtained by me myself so don't forget to write a source when you use it.


London Fashion Week 2

Author: Filda, Date: 15th February 2008

We have noticed only today that Anastacia didn't see only the fashion show by her favourite Jenny Packham yesterday. She was at Vivienne Westwood's show too! She changed her outfit for this occasion and she looks amazing! A gold coat from her own collection, silver dress and a gold handbag - simply fantastic!


London Fashion Week

Author: Filda, Date: 14th February 2008

Anastacia has attended the Jenny Packham's fashion show today. Jenny Packham presented her newest Autumn/Winter 2008 collection at the London fashion week. Anastacia together with Wayne sat in the front row and they watched the show with an enthusiasm. After all, Jenny designed Anastacia's wedding dress! Ana looked really happy, nice and cute - she has a new haircut by the way :-)


New photos

Author: Filda, Date: 13th February 2008

An advertising and a distribution of the new collection will officially start at March but you can already look at some new clothes from spring collection at the online shop of s.Oliver. And we have two new photos by Peter Svenson too - Anastacia poses there alone without other models.

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