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Photoshooting for spring collection is complete!

Author: Filda, Date: 25th November 2007

German TV station KIKA aired a short report from new photoshooting for s.Oliver. This time it took place in Malibu – western part of Californian town Los Angeles. Ambience looks vividly and Anastacia is very sexy there. Of course she had small comedic scene at the end of the video. Download here!


Anastacia is really recording her new album!

Author: Filda, Date: 24th November 2007

According to the Anastacia has started with writing for her new album already. New CD will be released next year and tour will follow soon! We also know that new Anastacia by s.Oliver collection will be launched in February but it isn’t surprise because last spring collection was launched in this month too.

But there is another question. Where is she recording this album? Someone says that in London and it’s maybe true because British paparazzi caught Anastacia when she was leaving some London shop where she spent about 3 hours to get a Christmas present for her husband Wayne!


DVD Concert for Diana

Author: Filda, Date: 24th November 2007

62 thousands of the viewers at London Wembley arena, next hundreds of millions of people watched television in over 140 countries. This was memorial “Concer for Diana” what took place on 1st July this year. Anastacia had performance there too. She sang song Jesus Christ Superstar.

And this concert was released like 2 DVDs on 5th November. DVDs contain five and half hours of concert recording + backstage document with previously unseen interviews. There is one with Anastacia too.


Collaboration with Michael Jackson

Author: Filda, Date: 3rd November 2007

Michael Jackson, singer who rang Anastacia after her appearance at The Cut talent show, congratulated her for great performance and offered a contract with his recording company, didn’t forget for Anastacia.

There’ll be his new album soon and Anastacia’ll sing there too. The song is called What More Can I Give and Anastacia has sung this song already at United We Stand event in 2001. New versions were recorded on 23rd October and there are more interpreters who sing it not only Anastacia. You can download this song here.


Limited Luxury Anastacia by s.Oliver Edition in stores right now!

Author: Filda, Date: 2nd November 2007

I have some exciting news about this collection for you. The ofiicial page of Anastacia's collection was updated yestarday. There is a new section about the luxury edition. And you can buy all luxury items in e-shop now! There is list of them with pictures.


129,95 EUR


169,95 EUR

79,95 EUR

99,95 EUR

The luxury edition will be accessible in several s.Oliver shops. List of these shops you can read here (Storefinder).