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Author: Filda, Date: 30th September 2007

We finally have full version of Annie Lennox's song Sing. And we can hear Anastacia from 3:41 to 3:50 now!  Download song here.


Work on enlightenment continues

Author: Filda, Date: 22nd September 2007

Anastacia will perform at US station ABC event Frosted Pink on 14th October! This event is called to raise awareness of women’s cancer. You will be able to see plenty of performers and presenters who have some experiences with cancer – for example Craig Morgan, Rascal Flatts, Joss Stone, Babyface, Heart and Anastacia.


Anastacia will probably testify

Author: Filda, Date: 22nd September 2007

Famous music producer Ric Wake divorces with his wife Gizelle D’Strain. Ric Wake produced some Anastacia’s songs from albums Not That Kind and Freak Of Nature. His wife wants 15 millions dollars as a compensation for her and their children. But Ric said that he hasn’t money now. That is the reason why Gizelle asked artists who co-operate with Ric in order to they testify before court how many did they pay for Ric’s work. She asked Richard Gere, Marc Anthony, Celine Dion, Paulina Blond, Madonna, María Tortoiseshell, Ozzy Osborne, Lionel Ritchie, Anastacia, Jennifer Lopez, Diana Ross, Sheena Easton, John Dried, David Bisbal etc. But there is no sureness that they will testify. When they won’t be in Los Angeles at that time and when they support it then they won’t have to be there. Court will take place on 26th October.


Today Anastacia has celebrated her birthday!

Author: Filda, Date: 17th September 2007

Mrs. Anastacia Lyn Newton – amazing singer, beautiful woman, big fighter and survivor, perfect fashion designer… - has celebrated her birthday today. How old is she? We don’t know it exactly. But she is sharing her artistic visions with us for 8 years, she amuses us every day in our life and by way of lyric she helps us “be better people” and that’s the most important! Thank you Anastacia for all your work and all the best!

More information about collection

Author: Filda, Date: 7th September 2007

There are 3 new promo photos for Anastacia by s.Oliver Fall/Winter 2007 collection at You will see „new faces“ /models/ of campaign – not Anastacia. You know them from video at official page of collection.

There is long article about new collection too. I found any interesting information – make up artist was Samy Maurabit and hair stylist Robert Vetica. Photo shooting took place at Pier 59 Studios West in Santa Monice (Los Angeles). For the whole of article click here.

Next photos from Kazakhstan

Author: Filda, Date: 7th September 2007

There are next 7 photos from the appearance with Dima Bilan. You can see them at


Legendary singer Luciano Pavarotti has died today

Author: Filda, Date: 6th September 2007

The word has lost one of the biggest voice today – Luciano Pavarotti. He died in his hometown Modena after long and hard fight against pancreatic cancer at the age of 71. He didn’t give up his fight, he fought for all his days.

Luciano Pavarotti sang with Anastacia at the appearance Pavarotti and Friends in Modena on 29th May 2001. They sang together song I Ask Of You. This experience was very important for Anastacia as she said later.

Cast mind back for this amazing singer and amazing man and look at pictures from this appearance or watch beautiful video.

Video: I Ask Of You (Feat. Pavarotti, Live @ Pavarotti and Friends, Italy, Modena, 29.5.2001)
Duration: 4 minutes 43 seconds
File size: 46,8 M
File type: mpeg
Video is stored at

Download it here!

Confirmed - Anastacia was in Kazakhstan

Author: Filda, Date: 4th September 2007

Now it is confirmed because there is a photo of Anastacia and Russian singer Dima Bilan who sang at a president daughter’s party too. When Anastacia had a performance he ran on the stage and started to sing along with Anastacia! After singing she asked him who is he. He said that Dima Bilan. She said that it’s a lie and that he has to be Anastacia and that she want to sing with him! Will be there a new duet? We will know it in next months.

Sources:,, (photo)


I have added one scan from Russian magazine OK! to my gallery today. You can see 3 colour ptohos there!