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There is a little change

Author: Filda, Date: 22nd July 2007


I talk about photos from Wednesday. Patrick Demarchelier isnít their author, author is photographer named Peter Svenson. And we assuredly know that they werenít assigned for s.Oliver campaign, they were taken for some autumn issue of Swedish magazine XOXO. Photos (the same size, but without tag) and scans you can see in my gallery.

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Video "Making of A-Hotel"

Author: Filda, Date: 20th July 2007
  Only my page exclusively brings video "Making of A-Hotel" for download - you could watch it at official page of Anastacia's collection. Thank you Marcus for help.

Video: Making of A-Hotel
Duration: 9 minutes 33 seconds
Size of file: 39,6 MB
Type of file: WMV
& Marcus
Video is stored on

Download here!

New video and report

Author: Filda, Date: 19th July 2007 was updated. There is new video "Making of A-Hotel" and photoreport  "Backstage Report A-Hotel".  


Collaboration with Annie Lennox  - confirmed

Author: Filda, Date: 18th July 2007

How I wrote on 3rd July, Anastacia will attach into Annie Lennox's project for raise attention for the problem of the transmission of the HIV from mother to the child. Now this information is confirmed and we can wait for result.


Anastacia - the most beautiful popstar

Author: Filda, Date: 18th July 2007

VIVA viewers voted for 100 the most beautiful popstars of all times and Anastacia has been on the 4th rank! So she is the most beautiful female popstar because there were only men on the 1-3 rank.


Surprise of month!!!

Author: Filda, Date: 18th July 2007

Everybody is astounded! Nobody awaits that circa after one year there will be 10 photos by Patrick Demarchelier, when they were taken on 12.9.2006 at some New York hotel!

He took them before Anastacia's leaving to Moscow on 15th September 2006 where Anastacia celebrated her birthday and she presented Muscovite roadshow on 18th September 2006. Notice that dress on the 2nd (view) / 3rd (gallery) picture are the same as a dress what Anastacia wore at roadshow!

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Next 4 photos...

Author: Filda, Date: 18th July 2007

... by photographer Denis O' Gorman who took these ones at concert for Diana.


Restaurant NINETEEN12 opening  - update

Author: Filda, Date: 12th-13th July 2007

Anastacia was at opening restaurant at the hotel in Beverly Hills yesterday (11.7.2007). You can see photos from this event in my gallery.


Photos what I released yesterday are rased because I have added 14 HQ photos today! They are from but I had to make some emendation. So my ones are now better than from original source.


2 new photoshoots

Author: Filda, Date: 3rd July 2007

During concert for Diana photographer Denis O' Gorman took 2 photos of Anastacia. These photos brought to us exclusively


For high quality visit my gallery.

If do you want these photos in bigger version (2852x4296), visit

Anastacia will help a fight against HIV

Author: Filda, Date: 3rd July 2007

Madonna will make soon a duet with Annie Lennox for her new album - song 'Sing'. The profits for the on-line download are going to TAC, Treatment Action Activities.

For this purpose, Lennox had contact with 23 of the most important singers of the world to record with her the song, to raise attention for the problem of the transmission of the HIV from mother to the child. Madonna and these other singers will join Lennox: Joss Stone, Celine Dion, Dido, Gladys Knight, k.d. Lang, Angelique Kidjo, Bonnie Raitt, Shakira, Melissa Ethridge, Sarah McLachlan, Fergie, Anastacia, Beverly Knight, Faith Hill, Pink, Sugababes, Martha Wainwright, Iso*bel Campbell, Beth Gibbons, KT Tunstall, Shingai Shoniwa e Beth Orton.


Anastacia will record new album soon

Author: Filda, Date: 3rd July 2007

She said this news to her fans at the concert for Diana. She will spend about 6 months in the studio.


Anastacia already sang at concert for Diana! - update III.

Author: Filda, Date: 1st-2nd July 2007

She sang at 7:45 p.m. (Greenwich Time). During few minutes there were the first pictures and now there are 23 pictures in my gallery! And you can listen HQ audio record at! And the most important information - Ana changed her look! Her hair is brown and she lost some weight! - she is very sexy again.


+ video


+ HQ video

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   - video is divided for two parts.First part si here and second one is here.

   - image: 100%, without logo or something like that

   - sound: 100%

+ There are HQ pictures (I have them in MQ in my gallery) at

+ There are HQ pictures from appearance at

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